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17th Edition of Performance Art Studies

26th of November 2010

Final presentation of the 17th edition of PAS │ Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling

10:00 [10am], Akademi for Scenekunst, Færgeportgaten 77, Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway

with performances by

Jon R. Skulberg – NO

Hanna Reidmar – SE

Björn Neukom – CH

Ida Grimsgaard – NO

Sarah Funch Jahn – NO

Nathalie Mellbye – NO

and special guests

Susanne Irene Fjørtoft – NO

Franzisca Siegrist-Schmid – CH/ES

For the second time PAS – Performance Art Studies is invited by Serge von Arx to the Akademi for Scenekunst in Fredrikstad, Norway []. The topic of the 17th PAStudies “somebody – everybody – nobody” focuses on the conflation of the body and the concept. During the 10 days PAStudies participants used a variety of techniques and exercises to focus perception of one’s own personality, develop skills to communicate with the body, and transform ideas into a performative work. Personal perception and experience colour and characterise how we communicate and deal with the body in time and space during performance. The main objective of the workshop is to understand the body as a tool and to use this tool to communicate effectively in performance. The results will be presented during the final presentation on the 26th November 2010 at the Akademi for Scenekunst, Færgeportgaten 77, Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway.

At the final presentation we will have two special guests that have joined the PAStudies “Global Communication” 2009 in Poland: Franzisca Siegrist-Schmid studied Performance Art at the department of Bartolome Ferrando at the polytechnic university in Valencia and Susanne Irene Fjørtoft who graduated at the Akademi for Scenekunst in 2009.

The final presentation will be documented by PAS official photographer Matthias Pick.

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New PAStudies in 2011: Berlin-GER, Turku-FIN, Reykjavik-IS, … more information we will publish soon on our new website !

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