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Cosmonaut 100

PASproject | Cosmonaut 100

We are happy to introduce you to our new PASproject series called Cosmonaut.

22nd - 26th of November 2012, Madrid [es]
in cooperation with Accion!MAD (curated by Nieces Correá)
Invited artists are Kirsten Heshusius [es], Björn Neukom [ch], Ida Grimsgaard [no], BBB Johannes Deimling [de/no] and Marcel Sparmann [de]

We are questioning the contemporary language of Performance Art, like Marco Polo and Yuri Gagarin questioned philosophical and physical principals in their times. Why nowadays Performance Art is using only techniques to extend the form instead of an honest search for an adequate language which points into the future? How can we create a dialogue which suits to the human relations even in the next century? From where comes our blind trust in Performance Art history and why don’t we start to be radical in questioning the profound basic of time, space and body?      
Cosmonaut is a new project series created by PAS| Performance Art Studies. An attempt to connect an experimental and intuitive approach in articulation with the international Performance Art scene. Therefore Cosmonaut could be understood as a search for a shared thinking what is not immediately visible, but navigates in the space of possibilities. Based on contemporary approaches situated in stage design, referring to cinematic elements, based on light and sound or researching in alternative narratives, this project series aims to progressively and holistically shape the complex object of nowadays Performance Art.
Cosmonaut could be an aesthetic and cultural exploratory direction. It should be open to every form of creative articulation connected to the idea that Performance Art is the most relevant and innovative form of the arts to transmit life in an artistic process.

* PASresidency/PAScompact | exist -ing together invited by exists (co-curated by Rebecca Cunningham and Nicola Morton)

25th - 12th of February 2013, Brisbane [aus]
in cooperation with the QCA Griffith University, the Australia Council, the POP gallery and Metro Arts

“exist –ing together” seeks to illuminate the contemporary Performance Art practice in Brisbane on a theoretical and practical base and is highly interested to establish long term links in practice between Australian and international independent artists and researchers.
“Exist – ing together” includes the PAScompact studies “Dictionary”, which will take place in the POP gallery and is composed for art students in cooperation with the QCA Griffith University. PAS is also offering a PAScompact studies “What is important” for the local artists from Brisbane, who are interested in the media of Performance Art and the extension of a contemporary understanding of art and creativity. Beside artist talks and interviews, BBB Johannes Deimling and Marcel Sparmann will present their Performance works at the 1st of February 2013 as part of a Performance Art event in the POP Gallery.   
The residency program “exist-ing together” intends to strengthen the capacity and critical discourse of the local/regional performative arts community, and to foster relationships with local, national and international networks.
PAS notes 

We got selected
08th – 16th of December 2012
1st international Performance Art Week, Venice [it], curated by VestAndPage
We are proud to announce that PAS photographer Monika Sobczak [pl] is selected as the official festival photographer for the 1st International Performance Art Week in Venice [it].
Also BBB Johannes Deimling is invited to present a performance out of his series “Blanc”, a video screening from his DVD “Greatest Hits” and a lecture about PAS| Performance Art Studies with the title “Follow the Bird”.

We lecture
12th of December 2012
International Performance Art Week, Pallazzo Bembo, Venice [it]

Lecture by BBB Johannes Deimling,  “Follow the bird”  

Please visit the PASwebsite for further information http://tinyurl.com/performanceartstudies
Come and visit us as well on Facebook under: http://tinyurl.com/PAS-on-Facebook
… follow the bird

Your PAS team

Graphic by Przemek Oleksyn              Picture by Monika Sobczak
                                                                 Performance by Arianne Foks


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