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16th October 2010, 7pm


Final presentation of the 16th edition of PAS – Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling

19:00 [7pm], Flutgraben e.V., Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

With Performances by

Chris Dupuis – CDN

Maria Lembke – GER

Allison Fall - USA

Katharina Kastl – GER

Filipa Guimarares – PT

Johanna Baumgärtel - GER

Vickey Papailiou – GRE

Louisa Grothmann – GER

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia – PT

Michelle Isava – YV

Entrance free

WHAT IS IMPORTANT? Is the title of the 16th edition of PAS – Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling and 10 international participants from Canada, Portugal, Germany, USA, Greece and Venezuela. The topic of the 16th PAS project is: "What is important?" It is a big question but to begin with we will treat it as a rhetorical one. It is quite normal that people have different values, so what is important to me is not necessarily important to you. Everybody has their own scale of what is important for oneself. During the workshop we will observe that some subjects are important for more than one person while others remain on the private level. Intersections can appear between the individual borders of others. Opinions and communities of interests can be formulated to form stronger expressions. If we find these intersections in the process, we will be able to transform our own values into signs or images which are readable for more than one person. Through various exercises, tasks and discussions we will discover these intersections and try to explore the question: “What is important in the process of developing, presenting and reflecting a performance art piece?”. You can see how the workshop participants answer this question on the 16th October 2010, at 7pm, at Flutgraben e.V., Fultgraben 3, 12435 Berlin.

17th October 2010, 3pm


Performance art afternoon curated by BBB Johannes Deimling

15:00 [3pm], Flutgraben e.V. Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

With Performances by

Andres Galeano – ESP

Stefan Riebel – GER

Antoni Karwowski – PL

Marcel Sparmann – GER

Marcio Carvalho – PT

Ingolf Keiner – GER

Thomas Janitzky – GER

Richard Rabensaat – GER

BBB Johannes Deimling – GER

Entrancefree for men, 3 Euros for women

This afternoon with performances made only by male artists is not another contribution to the often strangely led gender discussions. It is more a humorous and provocative statement. The afternoon will show 8 international approaches to contemporary performance art made by male artists. Each performance will not be longer than 10 minutes. During the breaks we will serve coffee, tea and cake.

Both events will be documented by Christopher Hewitt of liveartwork DVD

Please feel free to forward this email

King regards

BBB Johannes Deimling


Silvia Pinto
Assistence Performance Art Studies
E-mail: pas@bbbjohannesdeimling.de

BBB Johannes Deimling
PAS-Performance Art Studies

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